Mesaj din 10 octombrie

10.10.2011 Oamenii vorbesc despre fenomene naturale deosebite ….

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  1. Mai exact? mesajele sunt foarte evazive

  2. Haiti Mountain House
    Haiti Mountain HouseHaiti Mountain House

    The world has progressed beyond all bounds. Yet, when a natural disaster strikes, it finds itself in a fragile situation. This is because we haven’t learned the real attributes about nature. A deep analysis into the physics of earthquake is beyond the scope of this article. This article discusses about our achievements to safeguard us from the vengeance of the apoplectic nature, specifically with regard to the architecture and design of housing facilities.

    The problem

    The earth is a dynamic entity. The various layers that compose it are in constant motion. This motion is not entirely due to rotation alone, but also due to the gravitational pull exerted by the sun and moon, as well as the chemical activities taking place inside the core. One of the most disastrous after-effect due to these lithospheric activities is the earthquake. The earthquake shakes the layers of earth, called seismic plates, like the ripples on water when a stone is thrown into it. Like any other wave form, earthquake also carries energy with it. This energy is passed onto every physical system that comes on its way. Well the most vulnerable among them are the buildings. The shock waves shake the foundation so badly that the entire structure collapses.

    How serious it is?

    It is not the financial loss but the loss of life, that is irreversible. If your house is collapsed, you can build even a better one tomorrow, but if any person dies, can you revive him/her? Certainly not. You are absolutely correct in your argument that it is surely a mammoth task to rehabilitate the entire locality after the natural disaster has struck. So what can be the plausible and most efficient solution?

    The panacea

    The panacea for this problem lies in identifying the root cause of this mishap. It should be borne in your mind that none can stop the tremors taking place inside this blue planet. It is like a part of its very nature. So, the humanity should learn to lessen the intensity of disaster. This can be done by learning the basic physics of the crust and designing the building accordingly. Most of the buildings are made to sustain vertical tremor. But what the structural engineers fails to see is the sideways bumping, due to super-position of many waves and also due to sideways propagation of the shock wave. So, the wise engineering would be to design the buildings on this principle. Yet, another thing that must be highlighted is that in the wake of a building falling, basic safeguard measures like standing under the threshold, etc would be in vain. This article also throws light on the recent advancements in building designs.

    The inspiration

    The scenario in Haiti was the main motivating factor behind the birth of these ideas. Some may seem to be viable, while the others may not. Yet, one cannot jump into conclusions only because he/she has seen the list of alternatives. There are many other factors that must be accounted for.

    The problems

    The main concept that should be considered is the geographic location of the disaster-stricken locality. If the tectonic activity results in another quake, then the rehabilitation homes would prove worthless. Also, one cannot expect the poor people to live in those shabby tire houses and all for the rest of their life. So the ultimate solution lies in designing the apartments right from the beginning to withstand such disasters, without causing loss in the aftermath.

    The alternatives

    The best alternative can be arrived upon if we understand the root cause of the problem at hand. Remember that it is not the earthquake, but the poor construction that puts the life at risk. For example, it’s found that some buildings in the quake struck locality have collapsed, while the others haven’t. This is because, those which have stood the tremors, were braced to the ground, taking into cognizance the sideways shaking also. So it becomes the moral responsibility of the architects to design the building accordingly. Another aspect that should be considered is the natural frequency of the structure. If the natural frequency of the building matches the frequency of quake, the oscillations increase in amplitude, finally bringing down the complete structure. If the two aforementioned facts are considered while building an apartment, there are less chances of damage.

    1. Vertical bamboo home

    Vertical bamboo home
    Vertical bamboo homeVertical bamboo home

    This is a design proposed by St. Val Architect studio of Haiti, after the aftermath of many natural disasters in this region. The concept consists of a building made in the form of cocoon, by interweaving the bamboo fibers. Well the advantage of bamboo lies in its cheapness, tough fiber structure and resistant to natural disasters.

    2. Quake resistant houses for San Francisco

    Vertical bamboo home
    Vertical bamboo homeVertical bamboo home

    This was provided to New York by San Francisco during hurricanes. It’s mainly composed by helium balloons, water and weather resistant shell. This will act like a protective shell when the disaster strikes.

    3. Core house

    Core house
    Core houseCore house

    The main features of the core house is shown in the figure above. Apart from being a refuge from earthquakes, this architecture is modern and cool, LED lounge having all the state-of-the art facilities like MP3 player, iPod and cellphone.

    4. Recycled tires home

    Recycled tires home
    Recycled tires homeRecycled tires home

    A weird by sustainable concept is one that of home made by piling up discarded tires. This is also an idea that has its roots in Haiti. Well, it seems the natural disaster has enlightened the mighty minds.

    5. Dubbed earth-ship

    Dubbed Earthship
    Dubbed EarthshipDubbed Earthship

    This is a novel creation by Architect Michael Reynolds for the quake struck Haiti. He envisages to use recycled materials to build refuge homes in the aftermath of quake. Thus the task of rehabilitation becomes cheap and feasible, because of the use of already available items. The power would be obtained from natural sources like solar energy.

    6. Re-GROWTH pod

    re-GROWTH pod
    re-GROWTH podre-GROWTH pod

    If you are looking for cheap and quick solution at the time of disaster, then prefabricated homes would be the ideal solution. This is because they in simulated conditions, taking into account all the bad faces of nature. This was originally made to help rebuild the fire-devastated regions of Australia.

    7. ‘Quake-proof’ home

    Quake-proof’ home
    Quake-proof’ homeQuake-proof’ home

    It was developed by a home builder in Camas, Washington.The structure is made up of recycled steel, though it gives an impression of a wooden home. It can be easily dismantled and is one of the quickest solution at the time of earthquake.

    8. 900 shipping containers homes

    900 shipping containers homes
    900 shipping containers homes900 shipping containers homes

    This can be termed as the lively example of mastery in engineering. It is a basic fact that the shipping containers are designed and manufactured in such a way that it can sustain all forces, without damaging the objects contained in it. This concept has been extended upon to provide refuge to the people in seismic tectonics. Nearly 900 of them were used in Haiti. Cheers to the Canadian musician maestro Luck Mervil, who gave this idea.

    9. Solar powered wooden homes

    Solar powered wooden homes
    Solar powered wooden homesSolar powered wooden homes

    The house is constructed by Haiti Development Corporation. Wooden cabins, made in Swiss style, this provides more sustainable, more beautiful alternative and powered by solar energy.

    10. Haiti Mountain House

    Haiti Mountain House
    Haiti Mountain HouseHaiti Mountain House

    This was yet another solution put forward for Haiti. This was specifically provided for Haiti by Miami firm NC-Office. These were made of light materials and designed to sustain all wind loads. The designed provided everything necessary to make “Home sweet home”, like 8’x8′ sections for living, dining, sleeping. Wall are made of Magnum boards and H shaped steel beams support entire home. Self composting units are provided for toilets; glass windows with metal nets and grills complements the home. Cisterns are provided to store rain water. This solves the problem of water requirement as well.

  3. Va rog sa ne comunicati daca se simte ceva referitor la data de 16 Octombrie, orele 10,50 am, asa cum este precizat in filmul american Impactul din 1998?

  4. o noua mini-era glaciara?……:|

  5. Admin, multumim pentru ultimele mesaje.
    In alta ordine de idei, aceste fenomene naturale deosebite vor fi la nivel global sau vizeaza doar anumite zone ale globului.
    Te rog,cand vei posta si decodificarile acestor mesaje?

  6. D-le admin, multumim ca ne tineti la curent în continuare.
    Am cautat pe lista dvs de situri un site al unui rus
    care traieste in Belgia ( armean) si care face predictii
    cu plata pt zone precise, am uitat cum îl cheama.
    Public acest mesaj în speranta ca cineva îsi aminteste
    numele sitului lui, pt ca nu l-am gasit pe lista.
    Multumesc pt ajutor.

  7. – Buna ziua tuturor, ma bucur ca ati revenit ! va doresc : multa sanatate si putere de munca. –

  8. E logic. Toti asteptam 2012 si toti stim si simtim ca se va intampla ceva. Nu stim inca ce dar ceva cu siguranta. Se simte in aer, la stiri, peste tot. Nu e bine ceva, nu mai rezistam mult.

  9. Despre ce fenomene este vorba?multumim

  10. Buna seara , mesajele pe care le primeste domnul inginer sint confirmate de catre autori occidentali.Partial confirmate si de catre copii indigo ai Romaniei. Consider ca a sosit momentul formarii unei hiperstructuri de verificare a informatiilor primite.Copii nascuti dupa anul 1999 sau in preajma acestui an pot ajuta foarte mult. Va urez succes in toate. Laurentiu Cremene

  11. new mini-iceage?
    am vazut ca au anuntat ceva de genu asta la TV, pt Europa in mod special.

  12. de ce nu mai pot intra pe forum? cu stima octavia

    Ce eroare va da?

  13. Vulcanul cu o înălţime de 3.340 de metri a erupt aseară pentru a 17-a oară de la începutul anului 2011. Drept urmare, din cauza fumului şi a cenuşii vulcanice, aeroportul din Catania a fost închis pentru câteva ore. Mai mult, erupţia ar putea afecta buna desfăşurare a etapei Messina-Etna din cadrul turului ciclist al Italiei.

    Etna este cel mai înalt şi activ vulcan din Europa. Mai mult, vulcanul din sudul Italiei este vulcanul cu cea mai lungă perioadă de activitate.

  14. fac asta de mii de ani

  15. Autorităţile chiliene au decretat nivelul de alertă maximă şi au ordonat evacuarea a sute de persoane care locuiesc în apropierea vulcanului Hudson, situat în extremul sudic al ţării şi a cărui activitate a crescut brusc miercuri, relatează AFP.

    “Vom începe procesul de evacuare în urma trecerii de la alerta galbenă la cea roşie”, a anunţat ministrul de Interne Rodrigo Hinzpeter, în cursul unei conferinţe de presă.

    Aproximativ 100 de persoane au fost evacuate preventiv pe o rază de 40 de kilometri în jurul vulcanului de 1.960 de metri înălţime, situat în regiunea Coyhaique, care se află la 1.600 de kilomeri sud de Santiago, a precizat ministrul, adăugând că o erupţie este posibilă având în vedere intensificarea activităţii seismice în zonă.

  16. Eu ce trebuie sa fac sa pot intra pe forum ,nu-mi mai recunoaste parola sau ce oare s-o fi intimplat pentru ca am tot incercat si nu pot ,te rog ,Admin ,ajuta-ma! multumesc frumos

  17. Ce parere aveti de cresterea temperaturii medii pe glob cu peste 2 grade se vor intensifica fenomenele extreme:
    tornade,canicula,geruri crunte,cutremure,eruptii vulcanice…
    De ce nu se avertizeaza lumea de ce se va putea intampla in cativa ani datorita efectului de sera si a refuzului diminuarilor noxelor de gaze care au poluat alarmant de mult Terra,sa nu mai vorbim de o suprapopulatie in zona Africii si Indiei,Chinei,zone asiatice ce vor migra spre zone prielnice vietuirii si sursele de hrana sau de apa vor fi putine…
    Or fi si organizatii oculte puse pe diminuarea speciei umane(HAARP) aceasi care au provocat si criza mondiala…

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